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View New jobs for free update on Expat Jobs in China 《2017-08-01》 1.Training center in Shenzhen needs a teacher Jobs in China " DBestInfo 3.Looking for an Oral English Teacher Jobs in China " DBestInfo 4.Foreign Teacher Assistant Work in Beijing City Jobs in China " DBestInfo 5.Foreign English Teacher ExPAT Jobs in China Jobs in China " DBestInfo 6.Looking for Secondary English teacher Work in Wuhan Jobs in China " DBestInfo 7.Support Technician Work in Shanghai City 8.Looking for Math and physics Teachers in Wulumuqi 9.Looking for an English Teacher in wuhan,HuBei province ASAP 10.Looking for an English Teacher in Yiyang,Hunan province ASAP Whether you are an enterprise or an individual, you can be register on our website for free, we will send your resume or your recruitment information to many platforms, look forward to your joining!(

Hello KIDS English ESL Teacher

Job Description1. Maximum of 28 classes teaching per week
2. 8-10 students per one class, 40Min for one class
3. Use audio / video materials in classes Cooperate wi th TAs in ensuring the constructive communication and efficient operation of the centre
4. Participate training,workshop and communication meeting frequently to improve teaching performance
5. Support and participate related sales and marketing activities
6. Raise professional advice and feedback to students’ English progress
7. Attend centre social event Requirements1. Bachelor's degree
2. TEFL certificate (No TEFL? We recommend INTESOL)
3. Native English speaker from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand
4. Plenty of passion and energy
5. Good team player with our foreign teachers group
Benefits1. On-going training monthly
2. Competitive salary
5. 7 days paid holidays + 12 days Chinese public holidays
6. Paid and sponsored Z visa plus Foreign Expert Certificate (FEC)
7. Medical Insurance
8. Arrival Assistance (Apartment searc…
Live and work in China in a healty way JING'AN, China - June 4, 2017  -- In the world, there are only two countries whose population, confidence, cultural and historical depth make them stand out in an increasingly homogeneous world: China and India. They are both attractive to foreigners in their own ways, especially for those seeking to experience working and living in a culture different from what they are used to. China's present, as well as past profile makes it a popular destination among foreigners.

Don't be discouraged by the bad press; news on China may dwell on the political drama while on the city streets the story is entirely different. The Chinese are largely open and welcoming, and for the astute, opportunities abound.

Yet this country is not as easy; the food is strange to those who aren't used to it, and their way of life is entirely different as are social expectations and contracts. The uneven modernity and development levels coupled with widespread ina…